Chess Club

Chess Club 2022-23

  • Raintree Chess Club will begin Thursday, September 15th.
  • Classes will meet weekly on Thursday mornings from 7:30am – 8:20am.
  • Chess club will meet in the basement studio, located in the south elementary building.
  • Class size is limited to 20 students, with priority for previous members.
  • Tuition is $125 for the year. Payment can be made below.

All returning Chess members grades 4 and above need to have a account, It is your responsibility to help your child set up this account.  Start with a free account, this is very limited, but will allow your child to demonstrate that they will use the program. Students that have been active in chess club and use, should have a Gold account, the cost is $29 per year. This will allow enough access for most of our students, if however, your child is finding the limitations are restricting their development, feel free to get a Platinum ($49 per year), or Diamond ($99 per year), account.

Younger students will be given access to which is a kids version established by The cost of this program needs to be paid in addition to tuition. Again, start with the free version, and if your child uses it, pay to have Coach Paden give you the unlimited version. I am still negotiating the price with them.

Let me know if your child cannot attend club, but is interested in competing with the chess team at tournaments so that I can keep you informed. Also, please confirm your child’s YearLevel and Teacher name. (Erdkinder need not list teachers, but do indicate interest in being paid helper.

We do plan to have a second coach, and are in contact with an exciting possibility, however, if you know anyone that would like to work with the Raintree Club, please contact me. We also plan to give our Erdkinder members extra responsibility and pay them for their involvement.

David Paden, 785 748-1518 cell or text,,