Erdkinder Suggestions

Dear Erdkinder Students and Parents,

We have compiled a list for you to work from during your time away from school. This is an unusual situation and we will have to practice our flexibility with the modified days ahead. It is most important that you care for yourself and your family. You may want to create a variation of our daily school schedule for these days at home. Getting good rest, eating well, exercising, connecting with family, and taking care of yourself is important. Check in with each other too. 

We look forward to being back together soon!
Clay, Saasha, and Will

Occupations Work: Remote Occupations Lessons

Humanities Work: Humanities Week 1

Read: Spend time reading books of your choice! Send me (Saasha) an email with a book suggestion for the class. I will compile a list to share! Libby is an app that you can use from home to check out books to read or listen to. All you need is your library card!

Job Time and Community Work:

  • Washing windows
  • Detailing car
  • Cleaning garage
  • Organizing a drawer or closet
  • Washing a pet
  • Collecting items to donate
  • Deep cleaning your bedroom
  • Yard work

Writing Assignment: Persuasive Essay (7th years) and Personal Essay (8th years).

Typing Practice: Login to your Typing Club account to work on your typing skills.

Latin Work: Latin Week 1

Math Work: Math Week 1