French Enrichment Class

Enrichment French Class
Fall Semester 2019

Children will learn the basics of the French language through oral practice, worksheets, songs and games, and be introduced to French culture as well.

  • The class meets on Wednesdays from  3:45-4:30 PM in  Kathy’s Classroom.
  • The fall session begins September 11 and ends December 11. There will be 12 sessions.
  • All upper elementary students are eligible to attend. 3rd-years may be accepted on an individual basis.
  • The cost for the semester of $195 includes payment to the instructor, all materials, Raintree overhead and late P.M. fee for the day of class.  Payment is to be made in advance by Friday September 6.  Please make checks payable to  Mary G. Johnson. Students will be admitted in the order that checks are received.
  • Once the enrollment form and the payment are received in the office, the student will be added to the roster and Dr. Johnson will send you an email confirmation.

N.B.  There needs to be a minimum of EIGHT students to conduct this class, and 8-10 students is the maximum number I can accept. Please contact me at 785-917-9332  or if you have questions.

   Dr. Mary Greenwood Johnson • • 785.917.9332

French Enrichment Enrollment Form • fall 2019