Music Resources

Raintree Music Online Resources

Amy Waldron has set up a “Raintree Music” Facebook page for cool links to things and activities to do with your kids from home.


  • – This is an award-winning website with lesson plans, podcasts, listening maps, games, composer studies (check out the composer map!), and much more.
  • – This website is always free. It’s less about games and more about tools for learning, but the lessons are short and graphics help make things clear.


  • – This is normally a subscription-based resource, but Denise Gagne has made student accounts free while kids are quarantined. All students use “snow” as their username and “2020” as their password, and a huge library of musical activities is available.
  • – This company granted Raintree 500 free student accounts. To access sight reading exercises for a large number of instruments, go to and enter 9yh2au as the Student Code, select the appropriate age group and complete the registration information.


  • – This is a great website with videos to help support the games and songs. There’s much available for the very young musician, too! It’s managed by a husband and wife team, and they’re working on providing access codes for subscriber’s students. I’ve requested codes, but haven’t received a response yet. However, you can sign up for a free month-long trial.