November 6, 2022 • Weekly Update

Nov 6 – Daylight Savings Ends
Nov 8 5:30 PM – Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-up Closes
Nov 10, 11 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, No School (Sign-up Sheet Online)
Nov 11, 12 – Raintree Fall Plant Sale Fundraiser

November 6, 2022

A Glimpse into the Lower Elementary South East Class

As you know, Maria Montessori had a vision for world peace, and one of the ways we foster that vision in our classrooms is by deliberate education of other cultures, traditions, and holidays. This fosters empathy and inclusion.  We have a saying in our classroom, if everyone were the same it would be….BORING!

Art instructor Erika Kjorlie Geery partnered with Dr. Luis Salazar, a parent in our classroom, to help our class celebrate and learn about Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Guillermo and his older sister Elena also presented, telling us about their cultural heritage. An ofrenda (altar) was set up, which Erika explains.

From Erika: The Ofrenda honored both our shared Family of Humanity and my family of origin. The candles represent the eternal light of our souls, the marigolds guide our loved one’s souls to their Ofrenda. The seashells represent the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio as well as my Grandmother. The Mariachis symbolize the Art of Music, the painters palette represents the Visual Arts, the Mary print by artist Paul Punzo represents higher consciousness or enlightenment. Our Lady of Lourdes represents the importance of believing in oneself. The orange and water in the seashell represented the human thirst and hunger for truth, knowledge and wisdom.

The students then drew their own sugar skulls and discussed the responsibilities and respect artists must have for cultures outside their own to avoid misrepresentation and appropriation in their artwork.

In the classroom, the children worked with prepared materials from the shelves that showed the different aspects and symbolism pertaining to the holiday and some were inspired to make booklets and charts.  We also read books, including Funny Bones: Posada and his Day of the Dead Calaveras by Duncan Tonatiuh.

Thank you Sarah Grace, Erika, the Salazars, and Myranda!

Parent/Teacher Conference Luncheon for Staff

If you would like to contribute, they have created a GoFundMe page and the link is: Thank you!

Raintree Fall Plant Fundraiser • Save the Date! • Nov 11 and 12

Request for Help for Edison and Family (Mom, Laura Sinkler, Lower Elem Guide)

Read more on the GoFundMe page…

Free Montessori Online Conference Begins Monday

Join Parents and Teachers From All Over the World!

The first years of a child’s life are the foundation upon which the rest of their growth and development relies. Dr. Montessori referred to the period from birth to the age of 6 as a time when the child has an absorbent mind, a mind capable of soaking in knowledge quickly and effortlessly through intense periods of focus and concentration. 

Learn more by clicking the image.

With 50 speakers, we are confident there will be many topics presented that you will find engaging. Here are just a few of the topics you can expect: 

  • Setting up your home Montessori-style
  • Strategies to support your toddler’s concentration
  • Reframing the “terrible two’s” 
  • Choosing materials for infants
  • Toilet learning the Montessori way 
  • Helping toddlers handle conflict
  • Sleep & Montessori 

…and so much more!

Month of November: Just Food Drive

Twenty-one barrels arrived last Tuesday for Raintree’s annual food drive benefitting Just Food. Help fill up your child’s classroom barrel by bringing in non-perishable items. Thank you!

What is Up With the Modular Building?

The addition of the modular building has not been without its frustrations. That said when we have been able to use it, we have appreciated the extra space and ventilation for music, yoga, COVID testing, and staff training.

A few weeks ago Melissa, our health communication director, discovered a leak around the window on the east side where we store COVID tests and hold staff trainings. Melissa communicated with the company with whom we rent the building, to have them assess and fix the situation. The company came out and discovered mold on the east side. Another company came out to test the types and levels of the mold spores on both the east and on the west side. All use of the spaces stopped and were rerouted to other rooms and spaces on campus. It was determined by the building company to hire a remediation contractor to fix the damage. The west side did not have the same levels of mold spores in the air as the east, but moisture was detected in several areas so it is being treated to prevent any future problems.

Remediation is estimated to take up to five days and reconstruction will take about the same amount of time.  Hopefully, classes will be able to resume the second week in November. As we said, there have been a number of issues with the building and the fact that it is basically being rebuilt is appreciated.

Coming Soon…Raintree Wear

Our dear and talented, Ben Rumback, has been working on recreating vintage Raintree wear by digitizing graphics of shirt designs of the past. Here are a few that he has created with a few designs of his own! We look forward to sharing more information soon!

COVID Protocols 

*Children who have a fever, sore throat, skin rash, red inflamed eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, severe cough, swollen glands or nasal discharge which is not clear must be excluded from school.

*If your child has been ill, they may return to school if they have been fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours.  

*If an antibiotic is prescribed, the child must be on medication for 24 hours before returning to school.  Be sure your child is completely recovered before sending him back to school. (2022-2023 Parent Handbook, pg. 88)

Health Communication Office
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