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mealInterested in partaking in some of the wonderful food your child enjoys at school?

Chef Chris Rieke, Don Zahn, and Max Coleman will be creating a limited number of meals that can be purchased online to be picked up at the end of the week. Meals-to-Go bags will contain four servings each of a main dish, a side, and a salad. Meals will be ready for pick-up in the cooler door outside of the kitchen between 4-5:30 PM on Friday. Purchase your Meal-to-Go online by Thursday, October 17th at midnight and on Friday, a Raintree Meal-to-Go bag will have your name on it!

MENU FOR MEAL-TO-GO FOR THIS FRIDAY, October 18th ($35 + tax)

  • Beef barbacoa tacos with pico de gallo with Raintree tomatoes, cojita cheese, chipotle crema and corn tortillas (B,D)
  • Cilantro rice (Vegan, GF)
  • Black beans (Vegan, GF)
  • Salad with corn pico de gallo, tortilla strips, and southwest ranch (V,D,GF)
  • Vanilla cheesecake bites (V,D)


Food is good for 5-7 days.

Raintree Meals To Go

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