Re-enrollment 2022-23

It’s time to make plans for Summer and Fall!
All Raintree Students • Re-enrollment Period
(This Includes Camp Raintree for Elementary Students)


Note: Elementary and Erdkinder acceptance letters will be mailed in April.

Re-enrollment begins February 4th for ALL students currently enrolled at Raintree.

This pertains to ALL current toddler, primary, elementary, and 7th-year erdkinder students.

Re-enrollment is the time when families indicate their intentions for the upcoming school year. Parents of children currently enrolled in primary will also indicate their summer enrollment. Parents of elementary students will have the first opportunity to enroll in Raintree Summer Camp. The re-enrollment form will be available online from February 4th through February 14th.

No payment is required unless you are applying for the next program (primary to elementary or elementary to erdkinder), BUT only those students re-enrolled by the February 14th deadline will have priority over other families on our waiting lists.

Tuition rates for the coming school year are posted online under “Enrollment Information” > “Tuition Information.” A tentative list of 2022-23 school year dates and events can be found under “Calendar.”

Relevant readings:


STEP 1: Complete the re-enrollment form online by February 14th. ALL students currently enrolled at Raintree must complete this step. (Only parents of current 8th-years need not complete re-enrollment.)

Re-enrollment forms are divided into “Toddler and Primary Re-enrollment” and “Elementary and Erdkinder Re-enrollment.” If you have more than one child in the toddler/primary, or more than one in elementary/Erdkinder, you will need to complete the form for each child.

Links to the forms are here:

Camp applications (summer camp for elementary students – June and July months):

If your child is a Raintree elementary student, and you are interested in Camp Raintree, you may register online. The camp application link is below. You may also use this form if you have a child who does not attend Raintree, but meets all of the following criteria:

  • Has a sibling who attends Raintree.
  • Meets the age requirements (youngest completed first grade and oldest completed no higher than fifth grade).
  • Is enrolled in Tuition Express.

Note: Non-Raintree campers must complete and return required paperwork to complete enrollment. You will find this required paperwork in Step 3 below.
If you are not a current Raintree family, or are not enrolled in Tuition Express, please wait for the form that will be live after re-enrollment finishes in the middle of February.

Click here for Camp Raintree 2022 Information and Application

STEP 2: Kindergartners interested in Raintree Elementary and 6th-graders interested in Raintree Erdkinder, complete the Next Level Admission steps below.

  1. Attend the applicable parent informative meetings and open houses below.
    1. What is Montessori Elementary? • Thursday, January 27th at 6:30 over Zoom
    2. Montessori Erdkinder Tour • Wednesday, February 9th
  2. Discuss with your child’s current teacher at parent/teacher conferences your interest.
  3. Apply online by no later than Monday, February 21st.
  4. If confirmed for admission, turn in KDHE required paperwork by May 9th.

Note: We do not require our toddlers to place an application for the primary program.

STEP 3: Turn in KDHE required paperwork by May 9th. All students who will be a Raintree student for the 2022-23 school year and/or a 2022 summer camper must complete this step.

Below are links to the required paperwork document that need to be completed for your child’s file at Raintree for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. Only those forms necessary to make your child’s file current for the new year have been included in these packets.

You may:

  • Email the completed documents to,
  • Mail to Raintree Montessori School • 4601 Clinton Pkwy • Lawrence, KS 66047, or
  • Drop your documents off at Raintree.

If you have any questions regarding paperwork, please reach out to Kelli is a notary and will be offering those services over the next few months. We are anxious to have all the paperwork in place so that we will be ready for campers, students, and children to return!


If your child is beginning their primary experience from a toddler community, you will receive a personal invitation to your child’s classroom orientation. If your child is beginning their elementary experience as a first year, they will have a chance to meet all lower elementary teachers and walk through a lower elementary classroom during the school day in the spring. In the summer, your child will be assigned a classroom and you will be invited to an open house and orientation before the start of school in the fall. If your child is beginning the Erdkinder program, you and your child will receive an invitation to schedule a conference before the start of school.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our program for the new school year!

Below are downloadable sets of the required paperwork for the summer and upcoming school year, 2022-23. There are four different packets, each containing documents specific to the program the child will be attending next year. Read the explanation to know which packet applies to your child.

If your child is:

  • Currently in a toddler community or a primary classroom and will remain in the same class next school year: Packet 1
  • Currently in a toddler community but moving to a primary classroom next school year: Packet 2
  • Currently in a primary classroom, of “kindergarten” age, and are applying to Raintree Elementary next school year: Packet 3
  • Currently in elementary and a 1st-year, 2nd-year, 4th-year, or 5th-year student: Packet 4
  • Currently in elementary and a 3rd-year student: Packet 3
  • Currently a 6th-year elementary student and applying to Raintree Erdkinder next school year: Packet 4
    • And/or currently a 6th-year elementary student and attending Camp Raintree 2021: Packet 4
  • Currently an erdkinder student and a 7th-year student: Packet 4