Silent Journey

The Silent Journey

bellsNeed a way to explain Montessori to Aunt Martha when she asks, “Isn’t Montessori a cult?” Come to “The Silent Journey and The Journey of Discovery,” and bring Aunt Martha. This is the consummate Montessori experience to find out what your child does in a Montessori classroom at each level. The Journey will be hosted at Raintree Friday, September 13 from 6:00-8:00 PM and Saturday, September 14, 8:00-12 noon.

Friday night join us for light refreshments before the silent part of the journey begins. Our staff will guide you silently from level to level, toddler to the Erdkinder. A brief discussion will follow with instructions about what will happen the next morning.

Saturday morning you return for a delicious breakfast buffet followed by an introduction to the Journey of Discovery. You retrace your steps, but this time, you will have an opportunity to work with materials and get lessons from the teachers at each level.