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August 13th, 2023 • Weekly Update

August 14 – First day of returning toddler and primary children August 15 – First day for new toddler and primary childrenFirst day for 1st-year, 4th-year, and new elementary students, and 7th-year erdkinder students Welcome to Raintree 2023-24 School Year! Introducing the Raintree Montessori School Staff… We are excited to welcome you to the upcoming […]

July 30th, 2023 • Weekly Update

August 12 PTAO Playground Clean-Up DayAugust 14/15 First Days of Fall Session (see below)  It’s Summer at Raintree! Here’s a look… Each week of the summer session, I’ve walked around campus carrying my “big camera” as the children call it. I’ve been working to capture small moments of the children outdoors, as well as the larger […]

July 23rd, 2023 • Weekly Update

July 28 – Last day of summer session • August 14/15 First Days of Fall Session (see below)  Step Right Up, It’s the Summer 2023 Raintree Carnival!  Thursday, July 20th CAMP CARNIVAL Friday, July 21st TODDLER AND PRIMARY CARNIVAL Raintree memories, forever. Sending a huge thank you to our staff and volunteers for helping to make this such […]

June 25th, 2023 • Weekly Update

June 29, 7:00PM – Waiting List Parent Night: Toilet-learning, Montessori-styleJuly 3 – Independence Day Parade • July 4 – Independence Day, No School/Camp RaintreeJuly 5-7 – [Camp Raintree] TetraWizard Tournament It’s Summer at Raintree! Here’s a look at this week… Q&A Corner: What I Love Most About Raintree Please enjoy reading these answers from a few of our […]

May 14th, 2023 • Weekly Update

May 17 – Elementary/Erdkinder Yearbook DeadlineMay 18th – Last Day of Spring Semester, Half Day11:15 Elementary/Erdkinder Pick Up11:45 Toddler/Primary Pick UpJune 1 – Summer Sessions Begins Meditations from the Lower Elementary South West Loft One of the gifts of a Montessori education is the focus on educating the whole child. Dr. Montessori developed her method […]

April 23rd, 2023 • Weekly Update

April 24, 6:00 – Last PTAO Meeting April 27, 6:30 – 6th-year Play: The Wizard of OzApril 28 – 6th/8th Yearbook Student Collage Pages DueApril 30, 10-5:00 – FOR Arty Party Raintree Chef Spotlight: Chris Rieke Left: Students in Primary Upper Far West start tomato plants Right: The Raintree chickens, which the Erdkinder students tend and sell their fresh eggs […]

April 16th, 2023 • Weekly Update

Tuesday – ACE Scholarship DeadlineApril 20-21 – Erdkinder SPRING Market • 3:45-5:30April 20 and 22 – Back-40 Family Portrait Mini Sessions with Bliss PhotographyApril 24 – PTAO Meeting • 6:00April 27 – 6th-year Play: The Wizard of OzApril 28 – 6th/8th Yearbook Student Collage Pages DueApril 30 – FOR Arty Party Thank you, Emma Hughes, Primary Guide […]

January 29, 2023 • Weekly Update

Jan 26 – Feb 6 – Re-enrollment Period • Jan 31, 6:00 PM – PTAO Meeting in LibraryFeb 6-10 – World Peace Game (Raintree 6th-years) • Feb 16, 7:00 PM – Parent Night: Serve and Return Thank you Emma Hughes and Robin Alldritt, Primary Upper East Re-enrollment is Live!  This is required for ALL current […]

November 27, 2022 • Weekly Update

The Week of the Feast in the Elementary North Loft The week of the Feast is always one filled with traditions, some old and some new! In addition to feverishly preparing decorations and placemats, the children spent 3 days cooking.  As a joint venture, Dayle, Eric, and Joe shared dishes between our classes. In the […]

November 20, 2022 • Weekly Update

From the Primary Upper West: Montessori Language There are four schemes in preparing the language area of the Montessori primary. Dr. Montessori believed that you must prepare the hand to manipulate ever more refined, to guide the tool of writing to create symbols. When using tweezers to transfer materials, or removing the Knobbed Cylinders the […]